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Why Stinger Grips?

Better Shots

With more surface area, Stinger Grips eliminate inconsistencies in your shots.

Increased Club Grip

With our cross-hatch surface texture, Stinger Grips will ensure you always have a great grip on the club. If that wasn't enough, we spray each grip with a patented tackiness spray, that lasts through all weather conditions.

Designs Last

With each grip undergoing a rigorous inspection before it is sent out, only perfect grips are sent to our customers. All grips are covered with a patented protective spray that makes the designs last.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you don't love our grips, they're on us! Send them back for a refund or to choose a different style. Read more on our Refunds and Returns page.

  • What clubs do they fit?

    Our Swing Grips fit every club in your bag, including Irons, Wedges, Woods, Hybrids, Drivers, Driving Irons, and any other club in your bag. Putter grips can be found on our Putter Grip page here. Although we have never had it happen, we will gladly refund your order if your grips do not fit.

    Putter Grips 
  • How Does It Work?

    We recommend having a professional install your club grips. Your local golf shop is a great place to go. Dicks Sporting Goods, PGA Superstore, Roger Dunn, Golf Galaxy and many more will gladly replace your grips for you. If you wish to install your own grips, there are great Youtube tutorials.

  • How Many Sizes?

    We offer 1 size of swing grips, which are Mid-Size. If you want to have a Jumbo grip, we recommend double wrapping your grip tape (ask the professional who is installing your grips to do this). We offer 1 size of putter grips, which is also Mid-Size, with a square face.

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